SNOBOL4 and SPITBOL Information

Catspaw, Inc. provides the SNOBOL4 language for many different computer platforms, including DOS, Macintosh, Sun, RS/6000, and others. SNOBOL4 is a programming language tailored to complex pattern matching and text manipulation. SPITBOL is a very high performance, 32-bit implementation of the SNOBOL4 language.

Specifications and ordering information for the various versions of SPITBOL can be downloaded in Adobe Acrobat PDF format by clicking here. Click here to download Acrobat Reader from Adobe.

Professor Peter-Arno Coppen of the Katholic University of Nijmegen (Netherlands) has material on SNOBOL4 and SPITBOL, including his "dirty" SNOBOL4 page. Go to Peter-Arno's SNOBOL pages.

A description of one customer's use of SPITBOL is available from Dr. Eric Johnson of Dakota State University. Go to Dr. Johnson's SPITBOL Description now.

SNOBOL4 and SPITBOL Mail List Server

An unmoderated list server is available for discussion of the SNOBOL4 language. When you "subscribe" to the list, e-mail messages sent by you are forwarded automatically to all other subscribers, and vice-versa. Click here for more information on the SNOBOL4 list server.


SNOBOL4 material, including free copies of SNOBOL4+ for MS-DOS and Phil Budne's SNOBOL-in-C are available at this SNOBOL4 FTP site.

Phil Budne's SNOBOL4

Phil has a free version of SNOBOL4 implemented in C, and numerous SNOBOL4 links. Go to Phil's SNOBOL Resources Page.


Snocone is an experimental language preprocessor created by Andrew Koenig of AT&T Bell Laboratories. Snocone provides a "C-like" preprocessor to the SNOBOL4 programming language. View Andy's report on snocone here. The snocone software is available for downloading by clicking here.


SPITBOL 360 was the first true compiler for SNOBOL4 and is an incredibly clever work of assembly language. SPITBOL 360 was originally distributed under license, for a fee, from 1971 until 1984 when it was superseded by SPITBOL 370.

Effective November, 2001, SPITBOL 360 will be distributed under the General Public License (GPL), for NO fee. Click here for more information.

SNOBOL4 T-shirt

Can't have a product without a t-shirt, right? Click on the image for a larger picture and ordering information..

Who We Are

Catspaw, Inc. was founded in 1982 by Mark B. Emmer, an anachronist who first saw a SNOBOL3 manual in 1967. In addition to maintaining old programming languages, he also drives old cars, flys old airplanes and gliders, and has a blacksmith shop. Today most of Catspaw's work has nothing to do with SNOBOL4 -- we're experts in gigabit Fibre Channel protocol and create firmware for next generation tape and disk drives.

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