Description of the list SNOBOL4

SNOBOL4 is a mail list for the discussion of the SNOBOL4 programming language, the string-processing and pattern-matching language developed at the Bell Telephone Laboratories in the 1960s and early 1970s. Implementations include the original Bell Labs "SIL" version, Macro SPITBOL, SPITBOL/370, SITBOL, and FASBOL. This is also a forum for the discussion of various SNOBOL4 pre-processors, such as Rebus and Snocone.

Suggested discussion areas might include programming help and techniques, implementation issues, program sharing, and general language philosophy. The list is unmoderated.

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If the SNOBOL4 list is useful and generates enough subscribers, we will attempt to create a Usenet SNOBOL4 newsgroup.

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The SNOBOL4 mail list is sponsored by Dakota State University, Madison, South Dakota. The list is maintained by Mark Emmer, Salida, Colorado.